Alex Reid Interview in the Gay Times Sex Issue (September 2011)

So, I trust you've all read the new issue of Gay Times with my first cover interview? I spent the afternoon with theatrical cagefighter Alex Reid, known to many as Katie Price's ex husband. Alex was a real charmer, a very affectionate person and I was quite taken by him. Still, that's not to say I went lightly on the questions - we talked in depth about his transvestite persona Roxanne, about his past encounters with the gay community and homosexual propositions, about men of power who try to take advantage and of course about his new calling - acting.

On the set of the photo shoot Alex was very cheeky, tweeking peoples' nipples with metal backdrop clamps, challenging people to do press ups etc. He had his own entourage of muscly guys, one was a driver. But in terms of the gay rumours I took away the impression that Alex is just someone who enjoys life.

He said he's "trisexual", he'll try anything and I really respect him for being open about this. He wouldn't talk about Chantelle though (a completely in-house invented Big Brother reality star who he is rumoured to be dating) because he's waiting for his divorce from Katie to come through properly.

I did pick up a bit of a vibe off Alex, but I think this was probably more me fancying him and being charmed by his unwavering warm eye contact and ridiculously tight tank top more than anything else!

You can follow Alex Reid on Twitter @Only1AlexReid, (he wasn't allowed to talk about this interview beforehand, as it's his first cover feature with a Gay Magazine and the last time he was scheduled to appear on a gay mag it all went up the shitter for legal reasons).

I was hoping Alex and I would be going down Stunners in Limehouse in our hold-up tights together but it seems his drag days are over. My signed polaroid will have to suffice.

People often say after interviews "Oh they were really nice actually". It's possibly the most bland thing an interviewer can say. But in the case of Alex, he was just really really nice.

Also in the Sex Issue by me, two big features:

The Death of Cottaging: A piece exploring the cottaging scene in Britain today, taking a look at the history of cottaging, political struggles that the cottaging community have faced, and also a top tips guide for any first-timers (although remember - it is actually illegal to have sex in a public toilet)

The Grindr Diet: Or as I call it, "7 Grindr Shags in 7 Days". That's right, I used the sensational smartphone App to hook up with a different person each night for a whole week. It got messy. There's a teaser piece for this feature on my Gay Times blog called Grindrs Keepers, so take a look at that.

So, there you have it! Let me know what you think when you've had a read.

You can buy a copy of this Gay Times issue, even when it's no longer on the shelves, through the Prowler store here. And you can purchase a digital version through Pocket Mags here.

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