Gay Book Shop in Frankfurt, Germany

I went on a little exploration of the Frankfurt scene this afternoon, whilst my designated driver took a nap at the hotel. I was thrilled to discover a specialist book shop called Oskahh Vilde:

The proprietress was this lovely lady. She told me off lightly for dragging my flip flops across her recently mopped floor. She said this whilst sitting next to a pile of novels about a teacher who smears faeces all over his students' backs, but I didn't point this out.

The shop had an impressive array of DIVA magazines. DIVA is very popular amongst German gay girls. I'm not sure what Mathilde is, but she should perhaps ask DIVA for some design and formatting tips.
Oscar Wilde also have an impressive array of Gay Times back issues. It would appear Aiden Grimshaw has been fingered a lot whilst Matt Smith is a bit bent:

In the second-hand English section I was interested to find 'The LEATHER CONTEST Guide'. It informs the reader how to arrange a leather contest, how to attract entrants, how to organise the judging criteria and accommodate guests' luggage. I must look up the writer Guy Baldwin upon my return home.


Whilst browsing the other magazines I noticed one called 'KOINOS: Features on Boys, since 1993'. The magazine contained (mildly erotic) photographs of boys, as if a man had taken a minibus of boys to a lakeside and made them re-enact Tuke's works, interspersed with essays and articles about man/boy relationships. It was 13€ and despite its apparent rarity and oddity I didn't buy it because I found it a bit too freaky, and also out of respect I guess for the boys photographed inside, who are probably in their thirties now and possibly don't recall the editorial shoot.

I think it's important that men who have feelings about boys (that have most likely come about due to a problem or insecurity in their own childhood) are allowed to discuss them, so that they can hopefully come to the realisation and conclusion that it is wrong to interfere with a young person's psyche and personal space whilst they're developing. The age of consent is 16 in the UK, and personally as a 23-year-old I usually find even 19-year-olds shockingly young looking (and annoying)! Still, it interests me that publications like this exist. After all, suppression of discussion and thought will only create dangerously deep-routed obsessions and desires.

The Oscar Wilde bookshop has its own website here:

I will be writing about the Frankfurt gay scene on my Gay Times blog soon, so keep an eye out.

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