Jameela Jamil: One Pose To Rule T4

I like Jameela Jamil. I mean, I wouldn't go as far to say I Facebook 'Like' her, and she's certainly not as acute or comedic as some of her more succesful T4 predecessors but she's a general healthy hybrid of things that work for T4, and as my hot blogger friend Adam says "she is the woman of every single ethnicity"

I must admit, I felt a bit robbed of a quid with the recent issue of COMPANY mag, as although Jameela looked beautiful on the crazy-cool cover, there was next-to-nothing to read or look at inside, compared to say GLAMOUR which is action-packed with all manner of funky things to mull over. Then again I am a 23-year-old male. Sad times. Jameela Jamil has her own "column" in COMPANY, but it's nowhere near as exciting as her Wikipedia page.

SO. At the weekend we were discussing T4 presenters in my friend's friend's trendy Dalston-based kitchen when my old pal Shirley Knot said "How can you like Jameela when she only has one pose?" - And so last night I Google imaged her, and yes - as usual -Shirley is so right. Jameela Jamil has the same pose in the majority of her photos.

The Jameela pose consists of one sharp Tobleronesque elbow flapped out like an origami swan's wing, and a slight quarter profile turn of the whole body, adorned with a geek-chic pout to achieve the flattered-Disney-llama effect.

Can someone please start a blog called "Jameela Jamil and her ONE POSE" ? You never know, it might become a smash hit like "Kim Jong Il Looking At Things". And I'm sure Jameela gets paid to be photographed with those empty handbags anyway.


  1. So glad someone else said it. I thought I was going mad but she truly, undoubtedly, loves the left side of her face.

  2. Completely agree, get a new pose!