Cullenders: Words and phrases that Jack Cullen coined

It has been pointed out to me that I invent words in my writing and sneak them under the sub-editorial radae, so I thought it might be time to start an official list, otherwise I'll only forget them and some teenage blogger in Brisbane will claim them. I'll try to add citations that show the original date and publication if possible.

Some lexical babies of mine:

1. Gleeché - (noun) - Swap the lederhosen for Haus of Gaga and you get the stock-gay sensation that is Kurt Hummel. Gleeché first appeared on the Guardian, Tuesday 15th March in the article 'The gay one from Glee - positive role model or dangerous cliché' (definition provided by @domster13 on Twitter)

2. Lesconic - (adjective) - First used to describe a portrait of the Leeds scenester and celesbian-in-waiting Claire Cole.

3. Lime Haus (proper noun) - Respelling of East London's town Limehouse, to give a sense of the place's new found trendiness after Shirley Knot moved there.

4. Bin-bag chic (adjective) - Description of the 2008 fashion trend for outdoor jackets that were large, shiny and looked like bin bags, popular with Italian gay men and in Britain popularised on the high street by Uni Qlo.

5. Pope-ular (mindset) - A deliberately populist activity or object related to the efforts of the Vatican City, for example the Pope's online fashion store.

6. Charlie Le Min-Who? (noun, includes question mark) - A boy whose accessories, image and trends outweigh his intelligence, personality and manners, creating a top-heavy wannabe. Coined in the Gay Times write up of the Charlie Le Mindu London Fashion Week after party 2011. Interchangeable with Charlie Le Vin Rouge, Charlie Le Vindaloo.

7. RT-shirt (noun) A painstakingly sought-after re-tweet from a celebrity on Twitter, or tweeting somebody or something on Twitter in the interest of garnering RTs. E.g. "@AlanCarr? Been there, done that, got the RT-shirt."

8. Age-drop (verb) To deliberately mention your age as a means to increase your status, to make others feel inferior, to remind peers of your rapid career progression, or to draw attention to your talents. E.g. "Twitter is new to me and I'm the only 19 year old technophobe in the world" - [Dylan Jones, March 2011]. Age-dropping needn't drop a numerical age, this is called ageless age-dropping. E.g. "New Kids on the Block? I never read those".

9. Boycessory (noun) A cute boy, usually younger, that somebody takes out with them and keeps close to their side in the faint hope that others will assume the pair are shagging. More often than not the boycessory will have been fucked once by the owner but moving forwards from there the relationship is propped up by free drinks, gifts and kept watertight with intense organisation and the enticing taxi rides. E.g. "Oh, look at Graham's new boycessory. Kind of cute, is he Dutch?"

10. Postcamden (adjective). An artist force that stems from Camden after the death of Amy Winehouse, so post 2011. The Winehouse / Noel Fielding era marked the crystalisation and consequent slump of Camden's artistic value and the area descended into a violent bar crawl of thick shits. After 2011 things began to pick up again and a postcamden scene began to twinkle. E.g. "Das Kitten are a postcamden electro duo."

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