No Blog Is Good Blog?

Gosh, we’re almost completely through with February and the Jack of Hearts has kept his peach-blossom lips sealed. That’s not to say he hasn’t been writing, but only the leisure time that is usually poured amorously into this blog-parfait has been snatched up by greedy editorial quarterbacks.

I’m sure many of you will have seen my first Guardian homepage splash towards the end of last month: “Is There One Direction for G-A-Y?” - I was thrilled to see it was one of the most read pieces on the Guardian that week and was shared on Facebook by almost 1,000 readers. I now have a Guardian profile but have not submitted a picture yet because my hair changes too regularly. Well, I did actually send over 4 and the reply came back: "1) Too blurred 2) too posed 3) too dark 4) not enough clothes" !
Recently Gay Times magazine sent me off to live with four “adult movie models” to write some observational features for their forthcoming sex issue.
The main reason however for this dormant patch on Jack of Hearts is that I’ve been going through a reading phase. Rather than read constantly throughout the year I seem to go through a phase of burning the candle at both ends (quite) going out a lot, eating out a lot, and then going through a reclusive poor phase of tea-drinking, reading and long unplanned walks. During these unpredictable phases of hungrily reading I usually give monogamy a go too, which, weirdly, sucks the desire to write out of me, possibly because I struggle to split my creativity into different channels and instead just have one expressive torch-like beam with which I must choose what to shine it upon, and of course love comes first, unless commissioned by a plush magazine of course. You see this last line is such a mess, it so beautifully demonstrates my point - one cannot do both a blog and a boy at once, or properly at least.
Having so thoroughly enjoyed Robin Maugham’s autobiography Escape The ShadowsI’ve set about on reading everything Maugham ever wrote. In addition to this his writing often nods towards the works of others, and so I have also been reading a lot of T. C. Worsley, Norman Douglas, Gerald Hamilton and Christopher Isherwood, and then in a separate arena of interest I’ve been reading comedian's autobiographies, Russell Brand, Alan Carr, Graham Norton. Don't ask why, but I'm on a roll.

Come March I will start blogging more frequently, but in the meantime you might like the following pieces of mine:

1) My Paije Richardson interview in the current issue of GT magazine (it's in the mag but you can buy a copy online - go on - it's a great read GT is!)
2) New bits on my resident Gay Times blog such as this write up of the Charlie Le Mindu LFW after-show party.
3) I’m busy blogging most days about everything from 1960s fashion parties to Royal Weddings over on the British Pathé film archive’s blog here.
4) I have a very interesting feature coming out on 1st March in this online magazine SomeThinkBlue about the connection between bullying and erotic fantasy in adolescence (!)