Rihanna Release's Rude Boy Video

Wow – Rihanna takes inspiration from Grace Jones, the Pop Art movement (noticeably Gilbert & George and Oldenberg) and XL Records’ M.I.A. in the new video to her song ‘Rude Boy’.

One of the few cheeky upbeat songs to appear on Rated R, an otherwise rather morose and angst album, I absolutely love this song and have had it on my commuting playlist for months now.
Rihanna’s starting to look a bit like a black Kylie, with high-camp outfit choices, a high-fashion approach to bling and a slightly pseudo-sadist edge to everything she does. Definitely one of the 21st centuries biggest pop icons.

Rihanna is undoubtedly produced carefully as not to step on Beyoncé’s toes, but I think Beyoncé has something real to worry about now. The Jack of Hearts definitely rates R.

YouTube link to Rude Boy