Going against the GrindR

I’ve been meaning to post a link up to these GrindR art mash-ups for a while, I think they’re great. I found them on this gentleman James Hall’s blog. Although intended to be lightly humourous, they make quite a profound point about the history of gay culture and its relationship with technological advances.
I’m still unsure about GrindR. It’s no different really to other online hook-up sites, but because of the glamour of the iPhone and the splendour of all things app a lot of men clearly feel more at ease using GrindR than they would logging into Gaydar. Also Stephen Fry publicised it before 1000s of closeted viewers on Top Gear, making GrindR one of the best places to meet embryonic homosexuals.
Polly Vernon has written some brilliant features about GrindR for the Guardian: “Reconfiguring the landscape of human relationships”, “the sexual equivalent of ordering take-away” etc. etc.
and I’m all for no strings fun (as I’m sure you’ve deciphered from my resident GT blog !) but I think GrindR takes the excitement away from traditional seduction, the backward glance, the gaze, the hints, the chase, the 'Have I? Haven't I?', the predatory etiquette almost.
Fair enough - I’d sooner meet someone off GrindR than roam around Hampstead Heath waist-high in wet nettles and dog shit, but I still prefer those completely organic and unplanned encounters that don't need Steve Jobs to lay the ground work, like at dinner parties, work events, on beaches, or at weddings. I've never needed an iPhone before to embark upon exciting new carnal adventures, so why start now? Sometimes a bit of the old 'pull their tie towards you behind the moonlit marquee' is all you need, and the victorious feeling is infinitely higher.
I’m completely onboard with technology right now. I have to be. But I still plan to retire to a lost and forgotten little French village and spend my lonesome days doing jigsaw puzzles, writing letters and rambling along the stormy coastline, until my Tadzio comes along.

Joe My God wrote a piece here about the potential dangers of GrindR, some of the comments beneath are very funny.

Check out James Hall's blog Avalanche of Day Dreams for more GrindR mash-ups including The Last GrindR and The Grinding of St. Matthew!

P.s. How scary does GrindR's logo want to be?!

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