Dictator Pop

I love games on Twitter, especially when they involve puns.

Dictators and pop music don’t really go. Sometimes dictators hire their favourite popstars for private parties, like Moammar Gaddafi's son who paid Beyoncé $2million to fly out and perform five songs on New Year’s Eve.

Then there’s controversial Pakistani political Pervez Musharraf, who proved that he had the X Factor when he appeared onstage in some London blues clubs, triggering a YouTube sensation back in Pakistan that raised a lot of eyebrows.

And then of course there’s the marionette version of Kim Jong Il, who sings his slow number “So Ronery” in Team America (pictured above).

Today on Twitter #DictatorSongs became a UK trending topic. A game in which people must tweet the name of a popular song but bend it into a pun that contains either the name of a dictator or a word connected to the topic of dictatorships.

Some of the most popular were:

‘I Shot Musharraf’

‘Totalitarian Eclipse of the Heart’

‘(Hussain It Best) When Hussain Nothing At All’

And my favourite… not quite a song title… But just brilliant…

‘Mao milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’

Mao Milkshakes, you know you want one.
Thanks to @TVPB @DrCyberBob @ralphspekt and @98Jobo for these #dictatorsongs !

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